How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

refrigerator coils

Some would argue that a refrigerator is the important appliance in a home. A refrigerator is definitely an appliance that needs to be running at its’ best with maximum efficiency. You can ensure this with refrigerator repair. Another way that you can help to guarantee a refrigerator runs smooth is by cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coils. Visit here to learn more about How a Refrigerator Works.

The condenser coils are what contain the refrigerant that cools the air that the refrigerator needs to keep things cold. These coils are usually located either on the back of the machine or on the bottom depending on the refrigerator that you have. They are also exposed which allows them to get dirty and this dirt will make it so that the fridge has to work harder to work. This is a job that should be done once or twice a year by your or a professional service depending on your home.


Here are some simplified instructions for getting the job done:


This is something that you have to do before any type of repair or a maintenance This is a quick job that will only take about 15 minutes so as long as no one opens the door for an extended period of time while it is unplugged, nothing in the fridge will go bad.


If they are in the bottom of the fridge, they are going to be behind a toe-grill and if they are on the back they are easy enough to see. If you have a fridge where they are on the back, you will need to pull it out away from the wall. They are wrapped in a u-shape formation that will form a grid.


Use a mask to make sure that you are not inhaling any of the dust that may be stirred up from the process. Vacuum away as much of the loose dust and particles that you can and if the coils are in the bottom of the fridge, make sure to vacuum off the toe-grill as well.


You can find one of these brushes at most do-it-yourself or hardware store for about 10 bucks. They are usually a little more than 2 feet long with short bristles and it is shaped like a cylinder. The shape allows you to get in between the grid portions for a thorough cleaning. Twist the brush and get it into all the coils and use the vacuum to get rid of all the dust that you get loose with the brush. For fridges with coils on the back, you can use the brush with one hand and the vacuum in the other, but you will likely have to alternate the two if the coils are in the bottom.


Vacuum up any remaining dirt or dust and replace everything to how it was (the toe-grill if the coils are in the bottom or pushing the fridge back in place if they were on the back). Plug the fridge back in and the coils are clean.